60 % of Chinas normal water too polluted to drink.

‘China-made vitamins are everywhere, and even those that do not consume health supplements and vitamins can barely escape,’ it adds, noting that many of the synthetic vitamins added to standard cereals and other foods come from China. Natural News is on the leading edge of product quality and safety, having lately launched a forensic food lab that assessments for heavy metal content in nutritional and food supplements. This lab also allowed the first-ever discovery of tungsten in rice protein, which is one of many discoveries helping to improve the bar in the natural products industry. You can find out about the Natural Information Forensic Food Lab here:.. 60 % of China’s normal water too polluted to drink; this is where a lot of your herbs, proteins superfoods and powders are grown China’s longstanding reputation as the world’s worst polluting nation has once again been affirmed following release of a fresh government report about the grade of the nation’s drinking water.Over the period of one hour, those that were subjected to alcohol in both film and commercial drank typically almost three 200 ml bottles of alcohol, while those that watched the neutral ads and the ‘nonalcoholic’ film drank an average of 1.5 bottles of alcohol. The most alcoholic beverages anyone drank was four bottles, and the least amount drunk was non-e. Rutger Engels, professor in developmental psychopathology at the Behavioural Research Institute, Radboud University Nijmegen , said: ‘This is actually the first experimental research to show a direct effect of exposure to alcohol portrayals on Television on viewers’ immediate drinking behaviour.