A better way to check new treatments?

Specialists from U-M and additional major medical centers say that the approach makes the most sense in situations where period is usually of the essence – such as for example emergency care – or where the medical stakes are high and there are few good treatment options – such as for example some forms of cancer. In addition they note there are plenty of situations where adaptive style isn’t feasible or required. But for individuals who are getting asked to participate in research studies, an adaptive design may help tip the balance between saying and saying zero yes.1) GENDER: – Being female may be the main risk element for this type of cancer with it happening in less than 1 percent of males. The reason for that is that women have significantly more breast cells than males and these cells are continuously subjected to oestrogen and progesterone. These female hormones both promote growth and are believed to stimulate the development of cancer cells. 2) GETTING OLDER: – Unfortunately breast cancers becomes more common as you get older. Up to age group 39 women’s risk of developing this kind of cancer is approximately 0.5 percent.