A metabolic disorder due to adrenal tumors.

In the current study, Dr. Auchus’ research group analyzed the records of 24 individuals who underwent adrenalectomy at UT Southwestern between 2003 and 2006 due to abnormally high cortisol creation. Of the 24 patients, nine met the researchers’ description of subclinical Cushing syndrome. Dr. Auchus said the results were telling. Diabetes and hypertension improved considerably in most affected sufferers after adrenalectomy. In addition, all eight individuals who reported easy bruising before surgery noted resolution of the problem, and seven of the nine sufferers lost weight. Extra fat accumulation around the neck disappeared and muscle tissue weakness improved, often markedly.Refractive mistakes were regularly the cause of less serious visual impairments. Other common treatable or preventable causes of visual impairment included problems from diabetes, trachoma and the parasite onchocerciasis, which is transmitted to humans through the bite of a dark fly and is certainly prevalent in Africa. The high proportion of avoidable blindness – means that appropriate and available refraction and surgical services need to be supplied, the report claims. If priority attention is not given, the number of blind and severely visually impaired adults in Nigeria increase by greater than 40 % on the next decade.