Dear Luca + Olivia is your online destination with a fresh approach to Motherhood. I’ll be documenting our lives as we transition into a new home together in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico after leaving the comfort of our home town Dallas, Tx.

In the 80’s photos were stored and shared by way of large, quilted photo albums that would be pulled out from time to time and reminisced about with loved ones. I believe my Mom has collected hundreds of these throughout my life and they currently reside in her attic or packed on bookshelves throughout her house. Fortunately, we can now share our lives though virtual space and allow friends and family to be with us from anywhere in the world. It’s like we never left!

My goal is to tell a story about our lives so that when my kids are older they can look back and reminisce on these moments. I won’t be portraying a perfect life, but rather highlighting the finer moments of our experiences together. I’ll also be honing in on topics that I embrace as a mother such as cooking and style (not just mine, but the whole family).

I hope you’ll find inspiration from the details we share.

Quick Notes.

I’ll never post pictures of Macaroons.
Brown Hair, never cared, no one cares.
I think my kids are cute, but can accept that there are plenty of kids out there that are equally cute.
What else… Oh, I’m not from Utah. Can I still be a part of the cool blogs club?

Much Love,
Katie James