According to researchers from the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson.

This novel finding is yet to be completely explained. The bottom line is that we have to be careful with patients who experience significant toxicity during treatment especially. Conversely, we can reassure those patients who’ve a smooth ride through radiation therapy they are likely to do above average.’.. Acute neurological toxicity connected with chronic neurological toxicity in patients with high-grade gliomas Patients with high-quality gliomas who experience acute neurological toxicity during their treatment were much more likely to experience chronic neurological toxicity and shortened overall survival, according to researchers from the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson. The analysis will be shown at the 2010 ASCO Annual Meeting in Chicago .As the ACR recognizes the need to conserve precious healthcare resources, the College also recognizes the actual fact that regular colorectal cancers screening saves lives. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced in 2012 that the number of people 50 and older screened for colorectal cancer increased over the past 10 years and that colorectal tumor deaths are down over that period. However, the upsurge in screening and drop in deaths leveled off in recent years.