And the variation was thought by him in blood circulation pressure among participants was too great. A smaller range could have offered more useful outcomes, said Zusman, who has studied acupuncture. Still, ‘the outcomes are interesting and exciting,’ he said, ‘and I’m encouraged that it might have already been effective.’ So what in the event you do if you have high blood pressure? Zusman said consider modifying your lifestyle, using medicine and trying strategies such as for example relaxation training. Acupuncture is certainly a low-risk process, and it may be useful, as well, he said. Longhurst said further studies on acupuncture’s potential for high blood circulation pressure are warranted.I am proud to say I am an associate of this wonderful web site. In my town there is no one to talk to or ask queries & most endo doctors don’t clarify everything to you. ‘ – – Member – Kamdon ‘This support group has been extremely, very informative, educational & most a location to voice concerns importantly, obtain VENT and reassurance – – so again, thank you.’ – – Member – Lisa ‘I have already been visiting the site off and on for years and often just read. There is indeed much good details shared. A lot more than you can get at the doctor’s office. Good advice is given and it hands you with just what to inquire the endo. It really is good to talk to people who share your trouble. If not for this site, me and most people could not meet another Addison’s patient. Everyone is considerate and loving.