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to allow for produce of its lead drug candidate to be used in preclinical toxicology testing in preparation for entering Phase I scientific trials early in 2011. ALSP is developing fresh methods to effectively treat neurodegenerative disease with an initial concentrate on Alzheimer’s disease . ALSP has identified a fresh class of drugs that prevent memory space pathology and deficit in pet models of AD. ‘Our proprietary lead compound, AB-007, provides previously been evaluated for a different indication in human clinical trials and been shown to be safe and well tolerated,’ stated business CEO, Michael D.The control group received only PFX. Investigators found that PFX by itself had no significant helpful effects on either visual acuity or visible field after 3 times and six months of treatment. However, adding FC considerably boosted outcomes: those receiving FC were more likely to see improvement and less inclined to have worsened visual acuity. Improvement was even more pronounced after six months of therapy. More than two thirds of NAION patients treated with the combination therapy experienced better long-term vision compared to only 14 percent of these only treated with PFX.