Agiles weekly contraceptive patch containing ethinyl estradiol in combination with levonorgestrel.

Altomari continued, ‘Previous research have demonstrated that AG200-15 is well-tolerated with a good breakthrough bleeding profile, very low rates of discomfort, and adhesion in real-world circumstances over the 7-day period of application. Agile’s patch is an elegant solution to meet the promise of contraceptive patch technology.’ Agile’s Phase 2 open-label, crossover study compared the EE pharmacokinetic profile of AG200-15 to an oral contraceptive in healthful female volunteers. Thirty-two topics were included in the analyses.‘Heart disease is normally a leading reason behind illness and death in our nation that disproportionately affects African-Us citizens,’ stated Bertoni. ‘There is still work to be done to comprehend why this disparity is present. ‘Severity of illnesses, doctor and patient choices may play some part, but there are no conclusive reasons for the disparity.’ Related StoriesLowering blood pressure below suggested targets reduces threat of stroke currently, heart attackGood rest patterns are best for your heartMRA therapy will not improve result in coronary attack patients without heart failureBertoni states that patients’ understanding of treatment options could be one way to further ease disparities.