Ahead of MDG Summit.

But after years of broken commitments to the poor, a lot more than rhetoric and promises will be needed this time around, critics say. The draft has failed to impress some anti-poverty activists, who are pushing for more aggressive action’ . ‘Of program, the deadline [for the MDGs] is fast approaching, and many countries short are falling, in Africa especially,’ Ban said, according to a U.N. ‘Inequities are growing within and among countries. ‘We should therefore redouble efforts to target support to the poor and vulnerable. We need to invest in what works and fix what doesn’t,’ he said .The investigators compared resting heart rate and heart rate variability – – the beat-to-beat variation in heart rate – – having the ability to perform basic daily activities such as grooming, walking and using the toilet. They also viewed more complicated tasks such as for example doing housework, shopping and taking medications as prescribed. Over an average follow-up of 3 years, seniors with the best resting heart rate had a nearly 80 % increased risk of decline in their ability to do basic daily activities, and a 35 % increased risk of decline in their ability to do more complicated daily tasks.