Air quality in cities linked to inflammatory risk in diabetes By Sally Robertson.

The most important associations between SO2 and CRP levels were observed among sufferers with a diabetes duration of significantly less than 7 years and in individuals who were not treated with statin or thiazolidinedione therapy. Higher inflammatory response in recently diagnosed diabetics could be attributed to their younger age and for that reason possibly more contact with outdoor air pollution, and because many were not yet started on medication that lowers irritation, says the united group. Given existing proof that CRP amounts are linked to the complications and development of the metabolic syndrome, the findings may have implications for the risk for coronary disease in city-dwelling Indian diabetics.Manvir Bhatia integrated the knowledge to initiate the Epilepsy Medical procedures Programme at AIIMS, various other important developments included starting the FIRST sleep clinic and rest laboratory and developed the ‘state-of artwork’ Clinical Neurophysiology Laboratory beneath the Neurology solutions at AIIMS. Dr. Manvir Bhatia has been invited to provide lectures in National & International workshops, conferences. Provides participated in live shows on TV, published content articles in magazines and papers on topics related to Neurology, Epilepsy, and Sleep Medication. She was invited by the WHO to take part in developing guidelines for medical issues related to SLEEP DISORDERS. She is a known person in the American Academy of Sleep medicine, World Association of Sleep Medication, Indian Society for Sleep Research, Indian Academy of Neurology, Indian Sleep Disorders Association etc..