Alimera submits Iluvien NDA for DME to FDA Alimera Sciences.

The principal efficacy endpoint for the FAME Study is the difference in the %age of sufferers whose best corrected visual acuity improved by 15 or more letters from baseline on the ETDRS eye chart at month 24 between the treatment and control groups. The study will conclude later this full year with the ultimate patient visits at the three-year data point. In December 2009 The 24-month clinical readout from the analysis was completed and announced.Due to the high and speedy recurrence price of lung cancer, prognostic markers to recognize patients with higher threat of relapse represent a high unmet medical need. ‘The prognostic part of RRM2 can help to identify patients at higher risk of relapse who may reap the benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy,’ she noted. DNA methylation can be an important type of ‘epigenetic’ modification, which impacts the expression of genes within cells. Using malignancy cell lines and resected non-small cell lung malignancy tumors surgically, the researchers demonstrated that patterns of DNA methylation can divide non-small cell lung cancer into two phenotypically unique subtypes.