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Sometimes I would let go and simply surrender myself to the frosty. I’d disengage my thoughts. I forget about the thought that the cold water was uncomfortable and I became close friends with it. The cold on my skin felt almost luxurious. The energy of thought will there be to greatly help us always. Therefore my warrior warrior and brothers sisters, I encourage you to try and find the gifts throughout your journey always. It’ll truly change the journey.. A Cancer Survivor Story: The Power of Will I learned the energy of will during my cancer trip through a very unusual process: We called it Shower Sequencing . Since the cancer was in my own neck and tonsil it had been important to keep the lymph moving there. I discovered a method of creating movement in the lymph was to first run hot water from the shower over each side of my throat for 30 secs and then cool water for 30 seconds! For some reason I chose to do this just before I visited sleep! I would lean my head back, exposing my throat to the shower and proceed thru the sequence of hot and cool 12 times.