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The AMA will stay engaged along the way to make certain that the final bill that goes to President Obama for his signature will enhance the health care system for sufferers and doctors, said Dr. Wilson. Resource American Medical Association.. AMA works with amended Senate health system reform bill The American Medical Association today announced its support for passage of the amended Senate health system reform bill . Passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Treatment Act by the Senate provides our nation near to the finish series on health system reform.Funding for the project originated from The Robert Hardwood Johnson Foundation, and also the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research and the National Institute on Aging.. Holger Rohde, M.D., Junjie Qin, Ph.D., Yujun Cui, Ph.D., Dongfang Li, M.E., Nicholas J. Loman, M.B., B.S., Moritz Hentschke, M.D., Wentong Chen, B.S., Fei Pu, B.S., Yangqing Peng, B.S., Junhua Li, B.E., Feng Xi, B.E., Shenghui Li, B.S., Yin Li, B.S., Zhaoxi Zhang, B.S., Xianwei Yang, B.S., Meiru Zhao, M.S., Peng Wang, B.M., Yuanlin Guan, B.E., Zhong Cen, M.E., Xiangna Zhao, B.S., Martin Christner, M.D., Robin Kobbe, M.D., Sebastian Loos, M.D., Jun Oh, M.D., Liang Yang, Ph.D., Antoine Danchin, Ph.D., George F.