AMP 2013 to spotlight genomics.

The take-aways from this event are tremendous. .. AMP 2013 to spotlight genomics, proteomics, informatics, reimbursement and optimization of individual care AMP will sponsor its most significant ever annual meeting next week with an expected attendance of more than 1,700 molecular diagnostic specialists plus 1,300 representatives from more than 180 exhibiting companies. With an increase of than 25 hours of educational sessions and 350 poster presentations, the AMP 2013 Annual Meeting is the premier source for educational information on all things molecular. The event, november 14-16 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix to become held, AZ will highlight an array of topics focusing on genomics, proteomics, informatics, reimbursement, and optimization of individual care.About Cancer In the 21st century cancer is a destructive disease seen as a out of control cell growth. A lot more than 100 types of cancer have discovered in the medical technology & each of them has categorized by the type of cell which is definitely initially broken. There are no single treatments of tumor. The patients have to receive a band of therapies such as: Surgery, Radiation, chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormone therapy or Gene therapy. That is an historic treatment originated in India. Ayurvedic treatment provides gifted us a remarkable result in tumor treatment. Indian’s spiritual system of healing Ayurveda; originated by the Lord Dhanvantari, has been practicing for a large number of years, which emphasizes on the unity of mind & body.