Chief Executive Officer of A*STAR&39.

Albert Szent-Gy-rgyi, who was the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine in 1937. Professor Matter receives the award at the Szent-Gy-rgyi Prize Supper and Award Ceremony today at the National Press Golf club in Washington, DC.. A*STAR’s professor receives Szent-Gy-rgyi prize for groundbreaking cancer pill Professor Alex Matter, Chief Executive Officer of A*STAR's Experimental Therapeutics Centre , provides been awarded the 8th Annual Szent-Gy-rgyi Prize for Improvement in Cancer Research by the National Base for Cancer Research for his contributions to the development of the first medication specifically targeting a molecular lesion in cancers.Therefore, when these fatty deposits are broken down into smaller pieces, it is created by it easier for the body to expel these fat out of the body. Olive oil Olive oil is made from monounsaturated fat that can help us to lessen the degrees of the ‘bad fats’ cholesterol in our body as well as the blood fats that are known as triglycerides. Oatmeal By counting on having oatmeal each morning, you can actually gain a complete lot of nutrients that can help your body in a single way or another. Thus, it is a highly effective source to get the necessary nutrition to fight cholesterol inside our body.