Chief of clinical care at the Montreal Hear Institute.

Quarter-hour daily exercise prolongs lifestyle: Study Excuses for not exercising might be running out . A new study suggests 15 minutes a day time is all it requires to reap big health advantages from breaking a sweat. Pictures: 16 little ways to lose big pounds Come on people – are you as well busy to squeeze 15 minutes into your daily timetable? This study ‘may convince a lot of people that they are in a position to incorporate physical activity to their occupied lives,’ Dr. Anil Nigam, chief of clinical care at the Montreal Hear Institute, said in an email.

Why? A declining early death rate among HIV individuals – – about 9 % a year – – which gives greater chance of other diagnoses, the researchers said. By contrast, no notable upsurge in cancer risk of any type or kind was observed among the non-HIV group. ‘Knowing what the malignancy risks are actually for today’s HIV individuals because they live longer pays to clinically, because it might help us prioritize which usually cancers we have to focus on because of this group when it comes to prevention,’ Silverberg said. Cancer is only one aspect of a changing risk profile confronting today’s HIV patients, said Dr. Jeffrey Laurence, senior scientific consultant for applications at amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research.