How to get pregnant?

How to conceive a boy? Often parents plan the sex of their baby. And for some of them, it is principally possible to have a son, especially if the girls are already there. For centuries, couples have tried to find heirs. Therefore, they always face the question of how to become pregnant with a boy? To solve it, there are different ways. Let us consider them in more detailed here. When you have a facial swelling below eye you should know that you can easily treat this problem.

How to conceive a boy through scientific methods

Yspermatozoa participate in the conception of the boy. They are lighter, smaller, move fast, but do not live long. Therefore, if the sexual act occurs a few days before ovulation, then the Yspermatozoa die. If it happens at the time of ovulation or immediately after it, then there will be a son, since fast spermatozoa will soon reach the ovum. These are the favorable days for the conception of the boy.
It is desirable that contact occurs on the first day of ovulation, in addition, at this time the environment in the vagina becomes alkaline, in which the Yspermatozoa survive. The accuracy of this method is considered very high. However, it is necessary to correctly calculate the date of ovulation. To do this, measure the basal temperature, do tests for ovulation and control the follicles with ultrasound.
In addition, before ovulation doctors recommend several days to refrain from sexual contacts. Women’s orgasm is also desirable. As a pose for the conception of a boy, it is worth choosing the one in which the man will be behind to provide the best contact of the cervix with the sperm. It is in this case that the penis will be injected deeply.

The boy can be conceived with the help of in vitro fertilization. This method is expensive, but the most reliable. For this, using special preparations and a laser, spermatozoa are divided into male and female, and then by fertilization with eggs they fertilize the ovum.

How to conceive a boy

Many couples use not only scientific methods, but also various tables, and often they have a baby of the desired sex. So, how to conceive a boy on the table? Let us consider two such methods in more detail.

Japanese Table

The conception of the boy on the Japanese table is easy to calculate. To do this, apply the two tables below. In the first of these, the parentsbirth dates are used as the source data. For example, the future father was born in December, and the motherin June, in the appropriate columns of the table you need to find them and draw lines perpendicular to each other. So the family figure is determined. In this case, this number is6“.

Further in the second table it is necessary to find the family figure and see in what months the chance of a boy’s birth is higher. The more crosses painted, the higher the probability of the birth of a particular sex. In this case, the couple will be able to conceive a boy in February and October, with a higher probability in October.