Dive #1

This past weekend David and I let Luca skip his nap to go swim out in the ocean with us. My honest intention was to keep our life jackets on (all of us) and just float on top of the water while enjoying the beautiful sea life below. He’s 3, so naturally I’m not going to say, “Hey Luca, why don’t you just swim down there and touch that turtle by yourself??” No. But, David was with me and after I decided to remove my jacket so I could swim around freely, I came up out of the water and he’s holding Luca with no floats and giving him a pep talk about diving down. So here we are in the middle of the ocean with no one around and I told David, “absolutely not”. Within about 30 seconds I’m back under the water with my arms stretched out ready to ease him in. Next thing you know he swims and swims and swims all the way down. He came up, no problem. He did it over and over and actually swam out there without his floaties for about an hour.

As parents, understandably, we’re overly cautious and assume that our kids can’t do certain things that they may want to do. But one thing I’ve learned, (especially with Luca) is that by letting go of the reigns just a little bit, letting him test his boundaries while I’m right there watching, they may surprise you with what they actually can do even at such an early age.

Just a few weeks ago I wrote about how cool it was just being out in the open water with him, but we did both keep our life jackets on. This time we took it a step further and I was blown away to see what he could do. For David and I, it was a moment we will never forget. I can’t wait to share these stories and photos with him when he’s older.

The photos below show the sequence of events and how it happened! Such a cool moment for us.

Go Time.

This was right after I told David, “absolutely no, he can’t go in without floaties!”

Since neither of us had a life jacket on, we created a see-saw and took turns catching a breath.

These fish were a lot bigger than they look here. We saw so many beautiful fish!

He’s so calm and controlled under there just watching his turtle swim away.

He would ride on David like a human boat.

He quickly returned back to his normal self.

Future Manny Puig^^^