Due to the use of plant-based or coal gas for cooking.

According to Professor Martin: All of the evidence we examined in this Commission points to a serious dependence on improved dedication to tackling the problem of household polluting of the environment. Scientists and medical researchers in countries where household air pollution is still widespread need to work with governments and international health agencies to increase awareness of the large toll that it is exacting on the populace. There are several gaps in our knowledge of how to effectively measure and stop household air pollution, but this problem cannot be solved before global community recognises the scale of this issue and commits to coordinated and concerted actions.. 3 billion people worldwide vulnerable to early death because of household air pollution Household air pollution, due to the use of plant-based or coal gas for cooking, heating, and lighting, is putting nearly three billion people worldwide at risk of ill health and early death, according to a fresh Commission, posted in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal.We speculate that these features facilitated the stretch of the lung exposed to the pneumonectomy space. We hypothesize that, reminiscent of the role of stretch in lung advancement,19 cyclic extend as such may be an important trigger for new lung growth. Regardless of the specific mechanism, the results in this patient support the idea that new lung growth can occur in adult humans.

3-D structure of proteins show flame retardants can mimic estrogen hormones By determining the three-dimensional framework of proteins at the atomic level, experts at the National Institutes of Health can see how some commonly used flame retardants, called brominated flame retardants , can mimic estrogen hormones and possibly disrupt the body's urinary tract.