Easter in the Yucatán

It’s been strange transitioning into Holiday’s here. For example, I’ve never Easter egg hunted on a beach or gone to buy a Christmas tree in a swimsuit and cover-up or gone to the beach after opening Christmas presents. I don’t know, maybe since there’s no real major shift of seasons and it’s just hot all year round, it tends to be more difficult to get in the spirit. Quite frankly it’s one thing I’m not a fan of. However, I’m doing my best to recreate these traditions and give the kids that same feeling that I had waking up on Holiday mornings in anticipation for a day full of festivities.

We set out Easter baskets like normal and then headed out to the

beach for an egg hunt in the sand! I’m pretty sure they loved it and know no difference.

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and enjoyed it no matter where you are in the world.

Much Love,