False-Positive Mammogram Result Traumatic for some Women: Study: WEDNESDAY.

At the existing time, mammography may be the best screening device for breast tumor still, she said. With time, technology will provide a screening tool with less false-positives hopefully. .. False-Positive Mammogram Result Traumatic for some Women: Study: – WEDNESDAY, Aug. 26, 2015 – – In a discovering that won’t surprise many who’ve been through this ordeal, researchers claim emotional turmoil is common for females whose mammogram suggests they possess breast cancer falsely. The Swedish study of nearly 400 such cases discovered that 88 % of the women said they felt a feeling of dejection, such as being uneasy, unable or sad to deal; 83 % reported panic; 67 % said they had behavioral changes, such as trouble dealing with free time or work; and 53 % experienced sleeping problems.‘The U.S. Alone accounted for 58 % of disbursements in 2009 2009, accompanied by Britain , Germany , the Netherlands , and France ,’ AFP/France24 reports. ‘UNAIDS estimates that US$23.6 billion was needed to address the epidemic in low – and middle-income countries in 2009 2009,’ the press release adds. ‘That suggests a growing gap of US$7.7 billion between available need and resources, according to UNAIDS estimates.9 billion bilaterally and earmarked funds for HIV through multilateral organizations, and also an additional US$1.6 billion to combat HIV through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and US$123 million to UNITAID’ .