In Canada to progress early-stage technologies related to Type I and Type II diabetes.

Functioning collaboratively with this innovation system, Campus Alberta and over the public and private sectors, means we can move promising discoveries to industry faster where they are able to help people and Albertans worldwide. Through the collaboration, the Alberta Diabetes Institute and technical experts from Johnson & Johnson Invention Center in California will jointly recognize several high-potential possibilities from medical scientists across Alberta and award up to $50,000 for just one year including indirect costs from the study Fund. All aspects of diabetes research are eligible to apply for financing. Proposals are anticipated to result in further development of drugs, devices, cell processes and therapies that relate to the diagnosis, management and treatment of Type I actually or Type II diabetes.The ACC is usually endorsing Emmi Solutions and its online patient engagement programs as a way to communicate vital wellness information and get sufferers more involved with their care. We are thrilled to really have the ACC endorse our interactive communication answer and make it open to their users. Jack Lewin, CEO of the ACC. The scheduled programs use a soothing voice, animation and easy-to-read text to improve learning, engage patients and encourage them to take a dynamic role within their health care. Physicians can prescribe the applications to ensure patients learn about their condition and the risks and great things about specific treatment options. We are thrilled to have the ACC endorse our interactive communication alternative and make it available to their members.