Isla Mujeres

If you ask me about where to take your kids for a family vacation in this part of the Riviera Maya, I will tell you Isla Mujeres without hesitation. I’ll explain it like this…

For an unknown reason, the Island hasn’t overpopulated with tourism even though it’s a short 15 minute ferry ride from the only major airport in Cancun. It remains quaint and still has a decent selection of boutique hotels to get you away from the roped off all inclusive resorts where you see and hear nothing outside of those walls. Everyone on the Island drives a golf cart and you can circle the land in around 30 minutes tops. What I loved the most about it is that the kids can play and stand in the ocean for about the length of a football field. There are no waves, only soft ripples of the water that kiss the shoreline,the water is crystal clear and since the island mirrors Cancun you can experience a sunrise that I can’t quite place into words all while eating your coconut ice cream and sit as far out in the water as you want with no disruption. I could sit on the beach and watch the kids playing in the water without worrying about huge waves coming in and knocking them under which was relaxing enough in and of itself.

I’ve attached some of the photos from our week here and hope you all have the chance to visit this beautiful piece of paradise!

Happy Monday!!

Much Love,

The best chilaquiles I have ever had, they deserved a photo so that I never forget them.