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ACMG recognizes progress made in newborn screening In support of the latest March of Dimes Newborn Screening Report Card, the American College of Medical Genetics strongly urges every state to require comprehensive testing of most newborns for a ‘core panel’ of genetic and congenital conditions. It’s estimated that currently a lot more than 500, 000 babies annually are still not screened for the entire panel of life-threatening or debilitating disorders . In many of these diseases, serious problems such as death or mental retardation are avoidable just through newborn screening, with appropriate follow-up and treatment. The Executive Overview of Newborn Screening: Toward a Uniform Screening Panel and Program is available to download at: and the Newborn Screening Work sheets are available at The March of Dimes offers information about the recommended newborn screening checks at Even more thorough newborn screening applications helps you to save lives and decrease disabilities.

Pinczewski’s success with the procedure nearly didn’t occur, he observed. In 1989, Dr. Pinczewski had opted to a medical seminar to hear Tom Rosenberg, MD, of Salt Lake City, Utah, who experienced pioneered a medical procedures to arthroscopically reconstruct the ACL using the patellar tendon. Previously, this knee medical procedures had been an open treatment with a long rehabilitation and a higher incidence of osteoarthritis. All he was able to obtain was the procedure summary from literature still left at the lecture.