On problems like health insurance and food.

Coward-like corporate agenda pushers are worthy of our scorn. Teleprompter-reading news people, by definition, are info-cowards who ought to be ignored wholly. They don’t even write the news they’re reading! They’re involved in a soulless, zombie-headed workout in corporate parroting, so don’t ever allow yourself get sucked into watching corporate media news ever again. If you would like real answers, listen to real peopleYou want to create feeling of the global world? Pay attention to real people, not really corporate shills.We included definite or probable deaths from arrhythmia in the category of deaths from arrhythmia, according to the definitions referred to in the Cardiac Arrhythmia Pilot Study,12 in which death from arrhythmia was thought as a spontaneous cessation of respiration and circulation with lack of consciousness in one of the following situations: witnessed and instantaneous, without brand-new or accelerating symptoms; preceded and witnessed or accompanied by symptoms due to myocardial ischemia in the lack of heart failure, witnessed and preceded by symptoms due to cardiac arrhythmia , and unwitnessed but without proof another cause.