Or that financial help is available for those with low incomes.

Charleston Gazette: New Medicaid Patients 'Come In With Baggage' With 155,000 people put into West Virginia's Medicaid program following a major growth, the state's family members practice doctors are seeing more patients whose health care takes a complete overhaul, a state Medicaid official told lawmakers Monday. ‘The problem is sufferers who come from an uninsured position to a suddenly insured status frequently can be found in with baggage,’ said Dr. James Becker, medical director for West Virginia's Medicaid program. Some new Medicaid patients show up at doctors' offices with medical treatment programs that don't adhere to program standards.Nelson, Ph.D., from the University of Washington for his outstanding analysis and contributions to the field of pharmaceutical sciences. Nelson is dean and professor emeritus at the UW College of Pharmacy. He will receive the prestigious Volwiler Analysis Achievement Award on July 12 through the Examining Excellence Awards Plenary at the 2011 AACP Annual Achieving and Seminars in San Antonio, Texas. ‘Personally i think very honored and blessed to be a recipient of the award,’ said Nelson.