Snow Day in Dallas

My childhood is filled with memories of being in snowy mountains and cold weather since most of our trips were based off of that criteria alone. Naturally, as I’ve gotten older, I have such a fondness towards taking my kids out to do similar things. It’s sort of ironic that we ended up living at

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Last minute gifts for her

If you’re like me, you’re out and about rushing around getting last minute gifts and fighting through the crowds and traffic of Holiday shopping. This year, I planned a bit more in advance and bought most things online for the kids and in a weird way, getting gifts for them is sort of like getting

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A glimpse of cool

We recently got a glimpse of cool weather and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I’m a cool weather person by nature, so you can imagine this irresistible layer of heat has been tough to bare. I happen to have a couple of pieces that worked out perfectly to keep me warm,

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Over the weekend

This past weekend, we went out to our favorite spot in Xpu-Ha and rented a kayak to take the kids out on. We’ve done this a few times and it’s easily my favorite way to spend our weekends together. We took turns snorkeling and just relaxed in the water. Anyhow, it was very refreshing and

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Dive #1

This past weekend David and I let Luca skip his nap to go swim out in the ocean with us. My honest intention was to keep our life jackets on (all of us) and just float on top of the water while enjoying the beautiful sea life below. He’s 3, so naturally I’m not going

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