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But work just published in The EMBO Journal 1 opens the door to new methods for disease intervention by showing that lipids found through the entire human brain can dissolve the large insoluble proteins plaques characteristic of the condition, releasing their soluble protofibrillar parts, and also that it’s the soluble components and not the insoluble plaques that provoke neural death. These insoluble plaques have got a fibrillar structure and originate from the agglomeration of free Ab-peptide after an intermediate condition as soluble protofibrills. Although primarily it had been thought that the large fibrillar plaques were behind the condition, more recent research seems to suggest that it is the intermediate protofibrillar type that is neurotoxic.If your diet kundali shows that your calcium and protein intake through the diet is lower compared to the recommended daily allowance, it is advisable to add milk in your breakfast as milk and a proteins powder that rich in proteins and calcium. If your daily diet kundali indicates you are deficient in fibers, you can add cereals or a food supplement in your diet that is rich in fiber. The mail benefit of diet plan kundali is you can generate your daily diet kundali for your complete family. So you will come to learn if your other family members also need nutritional attention.