Among these activities were the founding of the Center for Psychology and Wellness, the creation of the Psychology: Science in Action public education campaign, the growth of our work to remove health disparities, the development of treatment suggestions to market the translation of mental science into wellness interventions and the growth of APA’s existence on the Web and in social media with more than 35 million website visitors expected this season. We are grateful for Dr. Anderson’s distinguished tenure and several contributions, the Panel said. The association provides been very fortunate possess Dr. Anderson as CEO for so many years, and we desire him well.AEZS-108 – May 6, 2010: Received orphan drug designation from the FDA for AEZS – 108, the business’s doxorubicin targeted conjugate substance, for the treatment of ovarian cancer. – May 12, 2010: Received authorization from the FDA for the business’s Investigational New Drug program for AEZS-108 in luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone receptor-positive urothelial malignancy. – May 17, 2010: Received positive opinion for orphan medicinal item designation from the Committee for Orphan Medicinal Products of the EMA, for AEZS-108 for the treatment of ovarian cancer. – June 7, 2010: Presentation at ASCO’s annual meeting of positive efficacy and basic safety data for AEZS-108 in ovarian cancer.