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In the wake of the latest H7N9 bird flu outbreak, it is timely that A*Celebrity is bringing Singapore's initial H1N1 flu vaccine into Phase 1 clinical trial. This different approach of earning flu vaccines will better respond to the needs of a flu outbreak. I am pleased that the collaboration with Cytos is normally making a meaningful contribution to Singapore's pandemic readiness, a crucial aspect of our national protection. The success of the potential vaccine will be of significant impact not only to the spot but also the world.’ Christian Itin , PhD, Chief and Chairman Executive Officer of Cytos, commented, ‘We are very pleased with the fruitful collaboration which includes led to the clinical begin of the novel influenza vaccine.Glioblastoma has many subtypes, which are characterized by different genetic changes within the tumor cells. One common subtype is characterized by cells with increased signaling from a proteins called platelet-derived growth factor receptor . In this scholarly study, which involved screening sufferers’ tumor samples for PDGFR mutations, the experts were surprised to discover that almost half of all glioblastomas with extra copies of the PDGFR gene also had rearrangements in the gene itself, creating proteins that are continually turned on. These rearrangements had been either shortened types of the proteins or included the fusion of the protein to another receptor.