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Each will receive between 2.5 and 2.9 million Euro to aid innovative research projects over the next five years. The award-winning tasks are in the fields of brain research, neuropathology and film studies. Improving our understanding of the brain's learning processes Among the three awardees is Fritjof Helmchen, professor in the University of Zurich's Brain Research co-director and Institute of the Neuroscience Center Zurich. His project is aimed at employing innovative solutions to characterize human brain dynamics at an intermediate level that as yet has been hard to access. The specific objective of his study group will be to progress optical measurement methods and theoretical versions to raised understand the principles of information processing at the 'mesoscopic' scale of complicated nerve cell networks in the mouse human brain.There today actually support the President But it also makes him question whether the doctors who’ll be, or even understand all of the details of the bills. ‘Are these doctors just star-struck, or do they have real knowledge about what they are helping?’ asked Serkes. ‘It’s searching like another dog-and-pony-show, and doctors should not be used in this shameful manner. First the President vilifies them, now he desires their help.’ AAPS SURVEYS REBUT White colored HOUSE Promises Serkes also rebuts the White House statements that doctors overwhelmingly support the general public plan. A recently available poll on the AAPS web site, shows that 93 percent of the doctors polled are even more adamantly against the President’s plans after his national address to Congress and the united states on Sept.