said Humphrey.

AARP asks U.S.S. Senator Norm Coleman to aid legislation to give Medicare the authority to negotiate with drug businesses for lower prescription drug prices. ‘Senator Coleman has a chance to stand up to the big pharmaceutical lobby and present Medicare the power to use its leverage of 43 million Medicare beneficiaries to discount for lower prescription medication prices,’ said Humphrey. ‘It’s what Minnesotans want and it’s the right move to make.’ There is overpowering support by residents in Minnesota to allow Medicare to bargain for lower medication prices.Waist-just measurements underestimated heart disease risk by 10 % to 18 % in comparison with risk estimates for waistline measurements when hip is considered . When waist-just, body mass index and cardiovascular system disease risk factors are considered, for each and every 6.4 centimeter increase in hip circumference in men and for every 9.2 cm hip circumference upsurge in women, there is a 20 % lower risk for developing heart disease. The study’s results are definitive for predicting risk in fairly healthy men and women in the overall population, Canoy said. Even more research is necessary on whether abdominal fat distribution is an independent risk aspect for heart disease among people who have chronic and other diseases at baseline.