Said lead study writer Joseph Weistroffer.

The analysis is encouraging to average those who are fearful to become physically active after disc surgery often, said lead study writer Joseph Weistroffer, M.D., associate professor of orthopaedic and of neurological surgery treatment at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and a spine doctor at Northwestern Memorial Medical center. ‘Many times after the surgery, people are afraid to go back and live their lives,’Weistroffer said. ‘They don’t really want to harm themselves and also have another herniation. If a football player will get again back again to playing football, you, as well, can resume normal lifestyle. Just because you’d disc surgery doesn’t mean you are going to be broken for life.’ The study will be published in the March problem of the Journal of American Sports Medicine.Even medication may be needed in a few severe cases of unhappiness and stress which have their own dangerous side effects. This technique uses the charged power of thoughts to channelize the universal life force energy. This energy is definitely a powerful and potent positive power which reaches within the deeper degrees of the sub mindful mind of a person. There are various idea and belief patterns located in the sub conscious brain and these patterns rely on the type of experiences that he / she has had in life. If the experiences are excessively negative then you will see larger number of bad patterns which will result in problems like depressive disorder and stress.