Salaries in the U.

David, Canada, the last canning plant east of the Rockies. The closing of the plant with its loss of 120 jobs has repercussions for the future of farmland in the Niagara Peninsula. Peach and pear farmers will will have no place left to procedure their fruit, so 1,200 acres of peaches and 800 acres of pears are likely to waste. At the right time when food shortages and food cravings threaten people, farmers around St. David are tearing out their fresh fruit trees. Local politicians have been petitioning the national government, trying to get expenditure in the plant. They question why the federal government did not work with two interested buyers to save lots of the plant.‘We have to keep pressing the rocks up the hill.’ Bone marrow transplant eliminates HIV traces from two patients’ DNA: Call it a cure? Challenges ahead for aging HIV and Helps population AIDS conference highlights ‘blind spot’ for women, action urged on education and treatment Spreading treatment will be costly up-front hugely, but Harvard experts said Friday that the expenditure would actually save hard-strike South Africa some money over five years, as savings from dealing with AIDS-related illnesses exceed the medications’ cost. Eventually those savings will be overtaken by the costs of treating millions for many years, but treatment-as-prevention is still highly cost-effective, said Dr.