Sociology professor and associate director of the Center for Drug and Public Policy Research.

The candidate should be a postdoctoral student . Cepeda received the award based on her scientific contributions to the field of drug make use of among Hispanic populations. ‘Dr. Cepeda’s cutting-edge epidemiological research has substantively added to the data base regarding social context and high risk behavior associated to drug use and abuse among Latinos,’ said Nalini Negi, assistant professor, University of Maryland College of Social Work. ‘Among her many study accomplishments, Dr.The U.S. Constitution takes a strict separation of powers between the three branches of authorities, in a way that the executive branch cannot switch laws exceeded by Congress, AAPS's lawsuit explains. By imposing the individual mandate in 2014 without the safety of the company mandate, the Obama Administration has transformed the legislation approved by Congress. The delay in the company mandate implies that many People in america who might have had the safety of employer-purchased insurance will either have to purchase costly specific insurance for themselves, or else pay a tax. This unlawful change will power many Americans, more than Congress meant, to purchase expensive, unwanted medical health insurance.