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Kim, MD, AGAF Kim Persley, MD Sheryl A. Pfeil, MD, AGAF Lori N. Marks, PhD.. AGA releases proposed alternate pathway to recertification Frustrated by a maintenance of qualification process that doesn't improve individual care, the American Gastroenterological Association this week released a proposed alternate pathway to recertification that is based on established learning theory. It eliminates the high-stakes exam and replaces it with energetic, adaptive, self-directed learning modules that allow for continuous feedback. AGA shared the proposed pathway with the American Table of Internal Medicine , which works the existing maintenance of certification process which has drawn ire from the medical community for not really meeting physician requirements.We particularly designed AP26113 as an extremely powerful and selective inhibitor of ALK with excellent drug-like properties and best-in-class potential, added Clackson. This preclinical work works with our ongoing evaluation of AP26113 as a potential treatment for cancers that communicate ALK. We look forward to shifting AP26113 into clinical trials as soon as possible. Extra Data and Reputation from AACR ARIAD researchers also presented at AACR outcomes from preclinical research of its investigational pan-BCR-ABL inhibitor, AP24534, getting studied in a Stage 1 scientific trial of patients with hematological malignancies, cML notably.