The campaign achieved resonance and charm among a wide audience also.

Stay Negative. 80 percent of both African-Americans and Latinos surveyed linked to these advertisements, indicating a specific appeal among ethnic viewers. Stay negative. Campaign elements included magazines and outdoor mediums, such as bus billboards and shelters, along with guerilla media, including coasters and mirror slicks. A campaign site, highlighted prominently on all materials, served as a useful resource for information about the potency of condoms in stopping sexually-transmitted diseases, facts about correct condom-utilization and accessing HIV testing services. The methodology contains both in-person intercepts and an paid survey of men who have sex with guys surviving in the targeted areas. A lot of the respondents in the analysis were between the ages of 36 and 50 .Mild-to-moderate neutropenia, that was noted by day time 3 after vaccination in 6 of 20 participants, improved within 2 to 4 times. An asymptomatic grade 2 thrombocytopenia, associated with quality 1 lymphopenia, was noted on day 1 after vaccination in a single volunteer who received a dosage of 20 million PFU; the condition resolved by day 7. After a report from another ongoing study of rVSV-ZEBOV of the onset of arthritis in the second week after injection, volunteers were specifically queried about the development of new arthralgia, arthritis, or rash through the second week or afterwards after vaccination. One participant reported arthralgia that started on time 11 concurrent with the onset of menses, though she observed previous occurrences of arthralgia with menses onset.