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Thomas Werner, founder of Genomatix Software. ‘Next Era Sequencing opens a fresh dimension in biomarker analysis and will enable a finer grained, unbiased look at some of the genomic mechanisms behind prostate disease, providing the chance for the discovery of fresh prognostic biomarkers thus, some of which also could be targets for therapeutic intervention and treatment monitoring.’ Dr. Shiv Srivastava; CPDR Co-director, Scientific Director, and Professor of Medical procedures at USU added: ‘Our work to time with Genomatix has been very productive. People from both our organizations have previously established quality working romantic relationships. Leveraging this and moving forward together right into a technology as ground breaking as Next Era Sequencing holds great guarantee for significant progress in prostate disease study.’..These salads are that powerful. Put your health within your own hands. Have a look at 80 percent Raw Food Diet for a salad dressing recipe that is to die for! And if you’re ready for step two, drink a gallon of cranberry, stevia lemonade a day . And tell us if you some salad dishes or suggestions that you can share with us.. AHRQ: Women accounted for nearly 60 percent of 39.4M admissions to U.S. Hospitals in 2007 Women accounted for nearly 60 % of the 39.4 million admissions to U.S.