Which is the most common cause of genital herpes.

Acyclovir will not reduce threat of HIV transmission for people infected with both HIV and HSV-2 A five-12 months international multi-middle clinical trial has found that acyclovir, a drug trusted as a effective and safe treatment taken twice daily to suppress herpes simplex virus-2 , which is the most common cause of genital herpes, does not reduce the risk of HIV transmission when taken by people infected with both HSV-2 and HIV. The results of the analysis are published in the New England Journal of Medication online today, and will appear in the Feb. 4, 2010 problem of the publication nettapotek . Up to 90 percent of people with HIV infection likewise have HSV-2 infection.

In six out of seven studies on naltrexone, sufferers and treatment goals differ from the ones in the nalmefene studies fundamentally. In the seventh research, naltrexone was not used in compliance with the authorization temporarily, and there were no analyses for relevant periods of time in the study. Treatment goal: reduce alcohol consumption Nalmefene is accepted for those who have alcohol dependence who don’t have physical withdrawal symptoms and who usually do not require immediate detoxification. The drug is an option for those who want to reduce their current higher level of alcohol intake , but cannot do therefore of their very own accord within a fortnight.