Which translated means calculating of breath.

.. Spirometry, which translated means calculating of breath, is one of the few examinations in medicine that is extremely easy to perform and very valuable information used in diagnosing lung conditions, such as for example chronic obstructive pulmonary disease . Related StoriesUK Biobank genetic study shows hyperlink between lung disease and smoking cigarettes behaviourEfficient respiratory diagnosis solutionTeva presents new Reslizumab data at European Respiratory Society International Congress 2015World Spirometry Day time provides health-care professionals with the opportunity to market the medical diagnosis of lung disorders, encourage people to get their lung area tested, and raise consciousness about lung health.Continuous measurement of the gases provides meaningful info to monitor greenhouse gas emission tendencies and helps in the fight climate transformation. Beginning on Jan. 1, 2010, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires businesses that are large emitters of heat-trapping emissions to begin with collecting greenhouse gas data under a fresh reporting system.. Acacia subsidiary acquires rights to prescription lens technology patent portfolio Acacia Research Corporation announced today that a subsidiary has acquired rights to a patent portfolio for prescription zoom lens technology.